We are one of three Churches of Scotland in the parish of Stornoway. The High Church was formed in 1902 with its building being completed in 1909.

We are Presbyterian by government, strongly committed to the Bible as the infallible Word of God.

On this website you will find information of our services and activities and we hope you will be blessed by what you find on our site.


This charge is currently vacant. Details for the Interim Moderator and other useful contacts during the vacancy can be found on the bulletin.


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Nominating Committee

Wednesday 20th August at 8.45pm


Scenario Planning Meeting

Wednesday 27th August at 7.30pm - This meeting will be hosted by Right Reverend John P Chalmers, Moderator of the Church of Scotland and Rev Norman Smith, Vice Convenor of the Church's Mission and Discipleship Council. This will be an informal evening with the emphasis on dialogue and discussion. Refreshments will be served. Please come along and encourage friends and family to attend.










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